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Life's Series of Changes

The circumstances of our lives and our relationships constantly change and, as they do, it is important to turn our mind to what happens after we go. Who do we want to benefit from our Will?

As families grow and blend there can be potential for conflict. Making a Will can reduce disagreement and the potential for future competing claims, and give you peace of mind.

Each individual and family unit is unique and Wills ought to be tailored to you and your individual family. It is important to get good advice so that your wishes for your family, friends and other beneficiaries are honoured.

Estate Planning

For the ever-changing circumstances in life and families, estate planning can be pivotal to your personal and financial affairs.

Wills and Powers of Attorney can be straight- forward or complicated. Everything depends on your personal situation and what you want for the future. It might be tempting to write your own Will, but there are some things you need to think about first. If your Will is not made properly, then it will be invalidated and your assets will be distributed according to the law, rather than your intentions.

Here are some questions you need to think about:-

Preparing a Will and Power of Attorney now can give you peace of mind and take the stress out of what might lie ahead.

Estate Administration

Whenever a person dies, their financial affairs need to be finalised and their assets distributed in accordance with their Will. If there is no Will then the applicable law decides who gets what.

At ATW Family Law we provide a comprehensive estate administration service. We will help you identify and locate the assets and liabilities of the estate, work with you to value the estate, apply for Probate and Administration and help you with the subsequent distribution of the estate.

We have extensive experience in estate matters and with our highly effective mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution skills we can support our clients to successfully navigate the delicate issues that inevitably arise in finalising estates, especially where there are ongoing inter-family disputes.

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Child Support

Child Support is generally determined under the Child Support (Assessment) Act through the Department of Human Services (Child Support) (“the DHS”) rather than the Family Court.  In order to determine the amount of child support

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At ATW Family Law we are committed to our client’s concerns and needs from start to finish. We are obliged to remain diligent to any possible conflict of interest that may arise in any matter